Karyn Paige

Mindset & Human Design Coach

Karyn Paige | Mindset Coach for WOC.

Hey there, beautiful soul!
My website is currently being redesigned (yesss).
In the meantime, you'll find everything you need to work with me and stay connected below.
Thank you for your grace!

my mission

It's my mission to help Women of Color
create deeper relationships with our inner power,
trust ourselves more and make decisions aligned with our truth.

client love

"Karyn is down to earth and she helps you find the answers within yourself of how to move forward. You can tell she actually cares about your well-being. She has a unique perspective and can relate to women of colour in professional spaces."

-Ena H.

“Karyn really helped me talk to the voices in my head that have been telling me I don't belong. She gave me so many contradicting examples of how I DO belong! That made a HUGE difference in my mindset. Karyn is empathetic and kind. She will be straightforward and do an incredible job of challenging internal narratives that do not serve you in order for you to dig deep and find the confidence and clarity you need to get on the right path.”

-Alexandra C.L. 

"Working with Karyn has transformed how I see myself. It has given me the courage to face my fears, transcend obstacles and to realize that the safety and power I was searching for has always existed in me."

-Marakesh B.