Karyn Paige

Designer. Mentor. Speaker.

Centering Women of Color. Everywhere. Always.

My mission

I believe that society will not truly succeed until Women of Color do. It is my mission to do whatever I can to encourage, support and uplift Women of Color in business and in life.

My career

Making Website Magic

Every day, I have the honor of empowering women to step boldly into their web design businesses, follow their intuition, and claim the success they are worthy of.

How do I do this? By working as a WordPress web developer, mentor, tech instructor and podcast co-host at the Making Website Magic School of Business.

My Passion


I speak to add a voice in conversations that need to amplify more WOC.

Sometimes those are conversations around business and tech. Sometimes they are conversations around healing and liberation.

The Radical Sanctuary

I get my life each week by sending emails from The Radical Sanctuary (aka my house) – messages of encouragement, affirmations and thoughtfulness centering WOC. I’m here to support you on your journey towards healing and liberation.