Karyn Paige

Coach & Guide

I help Women of Color connect to their inner wisdom so they use it every day in life and business.

My mission

I believe that society will not truly succeed until Women of Color do. It is my mission to do whatever I can to encourage, support and uplift Women of Color in business and in life.

Client Love

“Karyn is down to earth and she helps you find the answers within yourself of how to move forward. You can tell she actually cares about your well-being. She has a unique perspective and can relate to women of colour in professional spaces.

We had a good time laughing and crying together. I felt emotions I have been putting away for awhile. I have a deeper awareness of how I feel about my creative work, what is in alignment and what is not. I was able to start having fun with it again and enjoy the creative process and get excited again. I have a stronger sense of boundaries and practice expressing them.”

Ena H.

“Karyn is intelligent, sincere and creative in the way she approaches problems. It’s a rare gift to be given the space to be completely held without judgment. Karyn’s ability to blend Human Design and her professional skill set is breakthrough and quite the hybrid mix to deliver a potent response to any confusion in your life. I would feel best recommending other BIPOC women specifically, however her services can be beneficial for anyone in need of clarity and direction. Karyn is able to perceive things that are spoken between the lines. The best way to approach Karyn is with a deep breath, open heart, and ability to be led.”

Meesa Pedrozo

“Karyn is just a power house and the opportunity to work with her to help me gain clarity in my next steps was a no brainer!! Her authenticity and care to take our time in sussing out what may be holding me back helped infuse more confidence in myself knowing that this path I’m on is right for me because it feels right and not because someone is telling me what to do. She’s empowering and able to break down the big picture into details I usually avoid. If you want to do the work she will help you on that path!”

Judy C.

“Karyn really helped me talk to the voices in my head that have been telling me I don’t belong. She gave me so many contradicting examples of how I DO belong! That made a HUGE difference in my mindset. Karyn is empathetic and kind. She will be straightforward and do an incredible job of challenging internal narratives that do not serve you in order for you to dig deep and find the confidence and clarity you need to get on the right path.”

Alexandra Corrigan-Luke

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