Career Advice for Reflectors

Today, we’re looking at potential career paths that align with the Reflector aura type’s unique energy blueprint. Reflectors, you are the rare gems of the Human Design types, making up around 1-2% of the population. Spoiler alert: Your career path gets to be unconventional and as unique as you are.

Career Advice for Each Aura Type

Not a Generator? No worries. This article is part of a series on job and career advice for each aura type. Find your aura type in the links below to access your customized Human Design career advice.


The Unconventional Career Path of Reflectors

Let’s be real—capitalism is not designed to support Reflectors. (It’s not really designed to support anyone, but that’s a conversation for another time.) With so much openness in your energy centers, the typical structure of conventional work environments and schedules can feel restrictive and unhealthy for you. In other words, if you don’t feel like you are a Nine-to-Fiver like Dolly Parton, that’s not a coincidence. Don’t let anyone you know, or society at large, make you feel bad for not conforming to a typical, linear career path.

Being a Reflector doesn’t mean you can’t have a conventional job or career, though. You do have free will, after all and you can do whatever you want in this life. Also, the current economic climate may require you to take on a job in order to pay your bills.

However, it’s important for Reflectors to remember that committing to a career path is a major life decision. When it comes to major life decisions, your strategy revolves around waiting 28 days to gain clarity and avoid disappointment.

Let’s say you are searching for a new job in your chosen career path. You can use your “wait 28 days” strategy to see if you actually like the job and your work environment. If, after 28 days, you realize you don’t like it, feel free to move on without waiting another 28 days. You can just leave. You’re not obligated to give the conventional two weeks’ notice—unless you choose to offer that courtesy. Seriously!

Now, let’s say you want to pivot to a new industry altogether. That would be considered a major life decision, and in this case you could use your aura’s strategy as well.

Ultimately, the general social rules of staying at the same company or in the same industry until you retire simply don’t apply to your aura type. Embracing that unconventionality can be supportive if you choose to see it that way.

Ideal Job Roles for Reflectors

Reflectors, your ideal career path would honor and support your ever-changing energy levels, and your natural cycles of activity and rest. Your ideal role would also allow you to experience your aura’s need for sampling and being surprised by what you sample. Here are some examples of roles that could support your aura:

Communication is Key

Reflectors have a gift of gab, and can be naturally talkative. There are plenty of different roles that support open and long-form communication. Roles like podcaster, content creator, actor, facilitator, teacher and hosting could feel freeing and surprisingly supportive to you. In general, any role that allows you to speak freely and as often as you’d like will point you in an aligned direction.

Entrepreneurship, Freelancing or Consulting

Entrepreneurship can be a viable option for Reflectors, but it must be a business model that is sustainable and won’t burn you out. For example, Reflectors can consider being a service provider with a low volume of clients.. Reflectors have a natural gift for feeling out what works and doesn’t work for someone or in an environment. Service roles such as designer, coach, auditor and consultant can be a good fit for you.

Reflectors benefit from having a lot of alone time to discharge the energy they take in from the outer world. They also tend to have irregular sleeping patterns. Therefore, working independently, and creating private working hours in order to prepare client deliverables would support your ever-changing energy.

As a service provider, you can take on short-term projects, which can be supportive of your energy levels while also being surprised by the types of transformations you’re able to offer your clients. This role allows you to master your skills while engaging briefly with the unique energy of each client—a great match for your aura type.

Seasonal Employment and Flexible Schedules

You may want to consider what seasons of the year you feel most energized. This can allow you to think outside of the box and create a career path that allows you to take sabbaticals or extended breaks.

For example, a wedding photographer may work during the spring and summer, making enough money to take time off in the fall and winter when there are fewer weddings. Or, a teacher or tutor can work seasonally and take summers off.

Creating flexibility in your work schedule is key, allowing you to honor your varying energy levels. As mentioned above, whether it’s starting your day at dawn and taking a long midday break or choosing your hours based on your current sleep cycle, what matters is having enough freedom and autonomy to accommodate you.

Completely Unconventional Work

Beyond the norm, Reflectors can also explore alternative ways of earning income. Energy work, body work, healing work, or simply being paid to be present are all options for you. Truly thinking outside the box can create limitless possibilities for you.

Finding More Options in Your Chart

Reflectors have more criteria for choosing a career path than merely looking at your aura type and strategy. The active gates in your chart can shed light on the different archetypal energies you may have. Some gates have unique gifts for creative artistry, leadership, communication and other soft skills that can transfer to a variety of jobs and careers.

You can also look to your Incarnation Cross, Profile, and the placements in your Astro Human Design chart for a more detailed story of your career path. Working with a Human Design Practitioner like myself can simplify the process of such an in-depth analysis.


As Reflectors, your career path is not about conforming to societal norms, but about embracing the uniqueness of your design. It’s about finding roles that allow you to mirror the best of what’s around you, transform environments, and ultimately, find fulfillment in your professional endeavors. Your unconventional path is not a limitation but a profound strength. It may feel difficult or unrealistic to accept this about yourself, especially when you consider your intersectional identities and living within oppressive systems. But if you choose to embrace your Human Design blueprint, you may be incredibly surprised at the reality that is possible for you.

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Karyn Paige

Karyn is a mindset coach and certified Informed Practitioner of Human Design. Her work centers the experiences of Women of Color from an intersectional perspective, blending the personal and the professional to imagine the possibilities of a liberated world.


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